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The Battle for Uber
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2020-01-01 2020-01-06 Buenos Aires 5

I didn’t like the book at all. It was written as a fictional novel. I think the author wanted to make it entertaining.

The author, being a journalist, did a lot of moral judgments, which unexpected given his profession. What happened to the idea of presenting facts and let the reader make their conclusions?

Also, I am afraid that all this moralizing will sway some people opposite direction, which is even sadder.

While reading the book, I realized that for the last eight years in the tech industry, I knew only a handful of engineers who would blindly believe in the cult of the CEO. Most of the engineers I know are always skeptical about cult figures. It seems to me that for the best part of the last decade, media first build tech CEO into the cult, and then got disappointed with them. But why did they make the cult in the first place? Inside the companies, it never felt like that to me.

Again, I’m very disappointed with the book. It covered important issues but delivered them in a terrible and sensationalist way.

Also, the author tried to create a story from connecting every available piece of information. Reporting shouldn’t be that much about stories. It should be about facts and data. This modern over-obsession with making everything into the story is sad.